How to Get "Supercharged Immunity" and Fight Bacteria, Viruses and Disease - HARD!

Discover the Simple 10-Step Science-Backed Program to:

✅ Build Powerful Immunity
✅ Improve Infections
✅ Blast Immunity Destroying Belly Fat

  • A weak immune system can lead to chronic inflammation and this is associated with many health problems such as obesity, belly fat, diabetes, high blood pressure, cardio vascular conditions, dementia, joint pain, autoimmunity, cancer and even depression.

It's Not Your Fault

Sickness is never anyone's fault. There is so much misinformation and even 'missing information' that folks don't have a clue where to start when it comes to improving their immune systems and health.

Let me explain...

Did You Know That High Blood Sugar Levels can Damage Immunity?

This means that people with chronically high blood sugar levels, pre-diabetics and diabetics are at a greater risk of developing a weak imunne system.

By improving metabolic syndrome (which includes: high blood sugar levels, insulin resistance, high blood pressure, obesity, cholesterol issues - we can also power-up our immune systems and lose weight. This is known as "Metabolic Re-Setting".

Did You Know that Belly Fat Releases Toxic Immunity Damaging Chemicals?

The most toxic form of fat - is belly fat. With this fat - cell damage, damage to the immune system and hormonal disruption is much worse!

This means that strategies to reduce belly fat can help improve immunity. And yes we have plenty of those!

Fat tissue releases chemicals that can lead to inflammation (or cell damage) and problems such as cardiovascular disease, heart disease, blood clotting problems, diabetes, coronary artery calcification, stroke, psoriasis, depression, cancer, and renal diseases.

Did You Know that Poor Gut and Digestive Health is Linked to Poor Immunity?

Your gut is the center of your immune system.

Everyday foods and drinks can damage your gut - leading to digestive problems but also a weak and damaged immune system.

Strategies to heal the gut can also help with other conditions such as constipation, poor digestion, allergies and auto-immune conditions.

Did You Know that Chemicals in Your Home Could Be Harming Your Immune System?

Toxic chemicals in your frying pan, carpets, cleaning products, air, and personal care products could also be damaging your immune system. Every single day.

Imagine the toll on our bodies...a toxic load spanning months, years and even decades!

We'll show you how to choose the right pans, furniture and other items to create a safe chemical-free zone.

So What Could a More Powerful Immune System Mean Right Now?

  • Faster recovery from illness and less time in bed or in hospital and more time with family and friends.

  • The opportunity to feel great, reduce pain and inflammation, reduce weight, reduce belly fat, sleep better and experience a more fulfilling and active life

  • Improve the body's ability to fight pre-cancerous cells

Hi I'm Erin Samms

BA (Hons), MSc

...and I was once in your shoes. Endlessly researching and looking for ways to improve my family's health.

After watching a loved one suffer from a serious illness for years - the endless visits to the doctors and specialists, the piles of medication, the pain, suffering, loss of energy and engagement in life, I vowed to learn all that I could on how to be healthy.

Five years later.. I got my Bachelor's degree and a Masters degree and now i'm a nutritionist on a mission...

I have a lifelong passion for health. And Yes, I want to safeguard my health and my family’s health. I gathered all the information I could find – over 300 scientific references! - and combined it together into a comprehensive course on how to boost the immune system.

I created this program to share my years of research with you. This course covers the key issues affecting your immune system and how to strengthen it via the easy to follow 10 step process.

Start today and protect yourself and your family .

Power Up Your Immune System, Lose Weight and Feel Great Through the Power of a 'Metabolic Reset'

So what is a 'Metabolic Reset'? Let me explain

"Immunometabolism" is an area of biology which studies the links between our immune system and metabolism. 

By Metabolism, I mean the processes involved in turning food and nutrients into energy. 

So what we put into our mouths has a huge effect on our health, weight and even immune system!

Scientific research has revealed: A damaged metabolism will lead to a damaged immune system and other problems such as obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes and lots more conditions!

So when we re-set our metabolism we have a better chance of supercharging our immune systems, improving health and losing that extra  fat!

So how exactly can we re-set our metabolisms and get our immune systems working to the max?

I'm glad you asked!

The confusion and worry end today.


"How to Improve Your Immune System Naturally"

If you think the world has turned upside down and it's making you think constantly about your health - then read on...

If you’re looking for a way to improve your immune system naturally and help increase your ability to recover from sickness - then you will be pleased to know that you'll have all the answers in just a few minutes....

I'm about to reveal the 10 essential steps to improving your immune system. This easy to follow system shows you how to improve your immune system by removing the harmful toxins in your diet and home and replacing them with the right foods, nutrients, and lifestyle habits.

In just a few minutes you will have access to:

  • The 10 step "immune super charging" strategy explained via 20 easy to follow training videos as well as guides and a complete diet plan.

  • Free on-going life-time support to answer any questions you may have - at any time!

  • BONUS 1 - A 3 week diet plan and recipes - covering healthy breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack choices. Never worry about healthy meal planning again!

  • BONUS 2 - Exercise video training and guides plus a weekly activity plan. Learn how to easily add movement and activity into your daily routine. No need for expensive equipment or memberships.

  • BONUS 3 - Morning and evening yoga stress relief video training: Supercharge your mornings and finally have the deep and restorative sleep your body has been craving.

  • A grocery shopping list to help you make smart food choices. Make buying healthy food an easy, quick and pain-free process.

The value of this program is $3629 - but you're not going to pay anything close to that today!

But you don't need to pay $3629 for this valuable information. Or even close to it.

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This program provides you with everything you need to know about your body’s immune system, including the exact steps to take to bolster your immunity .

And it’s unlike anything else you’ve ever seen.

That’s because it literally shows you all the important information, ideas steps you need to know to strengthen your immune system. It's all are here inside this program.

Even if you only implemented one step… that one step could help your body fight disease and infections better and faster.

…Would you agree that it could change your life?

You bet, it would.

The information you’ll learn from this program is so valuable I was originally going to charge $1697...

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Want a sneak peak into the program?

Course Structure: The Key Areas

  • Nutrition & Supplements

    Today you'll discover the best foods and supplements scientifically shown to improve immune function and the toxic foods to avoid! You'll get a shopping list, food swaps guide and a diet plan with delicious recipes. Plus discover which supplements can support our immune systems.

  • Fitness & Wellbeing

    Did you know that simple changes to our daily lives can have profound effects on our health, immune function, longevity and stress levels. You don't need expensive equipment or memberships to significantly ramp up your heath and immunity. Find out how in just a few minutes.

  • Toxic Chemicals

    Did you know that your home, moisturizer, shampoo, furniture and and cleaning products can all be full of toxic chemicals? Even items labelled as 'natural' can contain toxins that harm your health and immune system. Protect your family today by making smart choices.

Course curriculum

  1. 1
    • Welcome Message - Watch Me First

    • If you have any questions..

  2. 2
    • An Overview of the Immune system and the 10 Worst Things to Damage Your Immune Function

    • PDF Guide: An Overview of the Immune System and the 10 worst Things to Damage Your Immune Function

  3. 3
    • The Metabolic Syndrome And Its Effects On Your Immune System: An Overview

    • The Metabolic Syndrome And Its Effects On Your Immune System: A Deep Dive

    • PDF Guide: Metabolic Syndrome And Its Effects On Your Immune System

  4. 4
    • Inflammation And the Impact On Your Immune System: An Overview

    • How Changes to Our Diet Can Help Reduce Inflammation and Improve Our Immune System

    • How Changes to Our Home Environment Can Help Reduce Inflammation and Improve Our Immune System

    • PDF Guide: Inflammation And the Impact On Your Immune System

  5. 5
    • The Gut is the Center of Your Immune System: An Overview

    • How to Increase the Number and Diversity of Your Gut Bacteria: A Deep Dive

    • PDF Guide: Why Your Gut Is the Center Of Your Immune System

  6. 6
    • How Diet Affects the Immune System: Overview

    • How Your Diet Can Harm Your Immune System and What You Can Do About It: Deep Dive

    • How to Create a Diet Plan to Support Your Immune System

    • PDF Guide: How to Supercharge Your Immunity and Health Through Your Diet

    • Healthy Food Swaps to Improve Your Diet

    • Shopping Guide: Buying the Right Foods

    • 21 Low Carbohydrate Breakfast Recipes

    • 21 Low Carbohydrate Lunch Recipes

    • 21 Low Carbohydrate Dinner Recipes

    • 21 Low Carbohydrate Snacks Recipes

  7. 7
    • Why Supplementing with Micronutrients is so Important in Modern Times

    • Nutritional Supplements to Improve Health and Immunity: Deep Dive

    • PDF Guide: Nutrients To Support Our Immune System - An Evidence Based Analysis

  8. 8
    • How To Reduce The Negative Impact Of Stress On The Immune System: An Overview

    • Techniques to Reduce Stress Levels and Strengthen Your Immune System: A Deep Dive

    • PDF Guide: How to Reduce The Negative Impact Of Stress on Immunity

    • Morning Stress Relief Routine

    • Evening Relaxation Routine

  9. 9
    • Why Sleep Is Key to Restoring Your Body and Immune System: Overview

    • How to Create a Bedtime Routine and Improve Your Sleep

    • PDF Guide: Deep Sleep - The Key to Restoring Your Body And Immune System

  10. 10
    • Exercise, Lifestyle And Immune Function: An Overview

    • The Benefits of High Intensity Weight Training on Your Health and Immune System

    • The 5 Core High Intensity Strength Training Exercises: How to Guide

    • Why Walking, Movement and the Sauna Are Important for Health and Immune Function

    • PDF Guide: Exercise, Lifestyle And Immune Function

    • Sample Activity and Exercise Plan

  11. 11
    • The Dangers Lurking in Your Personal Care Products

    • The Toxins Lurking In Your Indoor Home Environment

    • Other Toxins in the Home Which Disrupt Your Hormones and Damage Health and Immunity

    • PDF Guide: The Effects Of Environmental Toxins on Your Immune System

  12. 12
    • PDF Guide: 5 Day Quick Start Guide to Improving Your Immune System Naturally!

  13. 13
    • Putting it Altogether

Step 1: Understanding the Immune System

The immune system is complex and facinating. Get a bird's eye view of the 9 worst things that reduce the power and effectiveness of our immune system.

Step 2: Reduce Your Blood Sugar Levels and Avoid the Metabolic Syndrome

Discover why high blood sugar (prediabetes and diabetes) is linked to many health problems eg. poor immunity, obesity, abdominal fat, high blood pressure, heart disease, infertility, erectile dysfunction.

Did you know that there is a specific type of sugar that increases belly fat by nearly 7 times? Reduce this and improve your health and immunity. Finally get that flat belly!

87.8% of Americans are metabolically unhealthy*. Change your healthy destiny today.

* -Metabolic Syndrome and Related Disorders February 8, 2019 DOI: 10.1089/met.2018.0105

Step 3: Reduce Inflammation Throughout Your Body

An inflamed body is a body in which our immune system is always on high alert! So why is this dangerous?

  • It means that our immune system is working hard every single day and at risk of burning out
  • It means that our cells are at risk of being harmed - causing sickness, low energy levels, and damaged immunity
  • Inflammation is associated with many chronic conditions such as heart disease, cancer, autoimmune conditions such as lupus and multiple sclerosis and dementia

Learn how to reduce inflammation in the body through diet, supplements and lifestyle changes and regain your energy, vitality and immune strength.

Step 4: Discover Why the Gut is the Center of Our Immune Systems and Learn How to Improve Digestion

Discover What Can Damage Our Gut Microbiome and Therefore Our Immune System.

  • Did you know that 80% of your immune function comes from our guts?
  • Did you know that foods such as wheat and grains (and other ingredients!) can tear holes in your guts?- Leaving you open to autoimmunity diseases and inflammation throughout your body.

Discover today the top 6 foods to heal your gutsand improve your indigestion, bloating, joint pain, acid reflux and poor immunity.

Step 5: Clean Up Your Diet and Supercharge Your Immunity

Nutrition plays a powerful role in improving your immune system.

  • In this step, You'll learn which foods strengthen your immune system and those that damage it.
  • How to plan a nutrient-rich meal which improves your immunity - with the added bonus of helping you lose weight and increase energy and vitality!
  • Healthy foods swaps and tasty immune-supporting recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Never stress about preparing healthy meals again!

Learn how to create a diet that supports your immune system - rather than destroys it!

Step 6: The Key Supplements to Support Immune Function

Next, you'll learn the key supplements scientifically shown to bolster your immune system.

  • You’ll learn specific micronutrients and nutrients that can help you improve your immune system faster and without spending lots of money!
  • How to choose high-quality and budget-friendly supplements - and learn which products to avoid. Don't waste your money on poor quality products.
  • Get the supplement plan to bolster the important health categories: core health, gut health, immune function and nutrient extras found to ramp up your health

Important: Nutrient deficiencies in our foods can result in low nutrients in the body -and this can have a powerful effect on immunity and health. Plug these gaps and improve your health on all levels.

Step 7: How Stress Damages the Immune System and How to Make Simple Daily Changes to Reduce It

Did you know that stress can make your body weaker? And a weaker body needs to work much harder to defend you from dangerous pathogens.

  • You'll find two stress management videos inside the course - one for the morning and one for the evening. You'll not only improve your immunity but you'll experience amazing uplifts to your energy, skin, focus and peace of mind.
  • Finally experience the peace you and your body are craving. Supercharge your immune function and experience more calm and mental stamina throughout your day.

Take back your life and health today through the power of deep relaxation.

Step 8: Master the Power of Deep and Restorative Sleep

One of the fastest ways to improve your immune system is by increasing the quality of your sleep.

  • If you find yourself tossing and turning most of the night.. I’ll give you some proven tips that can help you not only sleep faster and easier but also ensure you’ll always have a good sleep quality every night.
  • Learm how to turn your bedroom into a peaceful sanctuary and finally experience that deeply restorative sleep that your immune system needs to function well.

Good sleep can be one of the most powerful antidotes to help restore order to our bodies, immune system and mental health.Don't underestimate it!

Step 9: Exercise and Lifestyle Habits to Enhance Immunity and Health

In step 9 you'll learn to develop habits that not only strengthen your immune system but also help improve your overall well-being.

  • Discover the type of exercise - found to significantly improve health and immune function
  • Get your training video today on how to do these exercises - correctly and effeciently for maximum benefits. And all in the comfort of your home if you choose.
  • Get your weekly activity plan- to keep your body moving throughout the day - not just at exercise time! This has additional health and immunity benefits..

Improve immunity while getting fit, losing weight and feeling great!

Step 10: Dump the Toxins Around Your Home and Improve Immune Function

There are hundreds of environmental toxins that you’re exposing yourself and your family to - every single day.

  • In the 10th step, I’m going to show you the “hidden” environmental toxins in your home, and how to reduce them - FAST!
  • Discover the dangers lurking in your moisturizers, makeup, antiperspirants, perfumes - and more!
  • Did you know that many toxins in the home can even disrupt your hormones - as well as your health and immunity!

Toxins throughout your home can accumulate in our cells and tissues and reduce our health and immunity- over the years and decades.

Module 11: (BONUS) - The 5 Day Quick Start Guide

If you're confused where to start - we've got you covered! In this 5 day quick start guide we take you through the process of enhancing your immunity.

Day 1: Clean Up Your Diet by throwing out toxic and harmful foods and drinks and replacing these with good quality immuninty supporting foods.

Day 2: Purchase the right supplements and nutrients to enhance health, immunity and other areas of your wellbeing.

Day 3: Review your stress levels, quality of sleep and activity levels and create a plan to improve these - easily.

Day 4: Remove personal care products which contain toxic chemicals. Replace these with good quality products which don't damage our bodies.

Day 5: Evaluate the physical environment in your home: Check the quality of the air and water and improve humidity levels and air flow.

Here's what more people are saying about the course


"I found the course very informative and easy to follow"

Adam, London

I was looking for a comprehensive course...something that was based on good science and with an easy to follow methodology to improve my health and immunity. I was surprised by the quality and detail. I found the course very informative and easy to follow. I recommend it to anyone looking to improve their immunity.

"I loved the training videos. It made learning so much easier"

Freya, New York

I bought this course for my family. I have young children and I wanted to learn how to protect them from sickness. This course was great. I loved the training videos. It made learning so much easier.

"I learned so much. I was doing everything wrong.."

Nate, Vancouver

After years of getting sick every few months I got fed up. I knew I had to improve my immune system or things would get worse. The immunity course was a Godsend! I learned so much about how to change my diet and habits to be able to recover from illness faster. I was doing everything wrong.

"I was worried about my health but now I can make the right choices"

Ursula, Dallas

I was terrified watching the news and hardly went out. But through the immunity course I improved my diet, my sleep, I bought supplements. I was worried about my health but now I can make the right choices.

"Erin did a wonderful job with her course. We learned so much valuable information"

Zack and Sara Shelby, Wisconsin

At our ages, my husband and I worried about our ability to manage an sickness or infection. With all the news reports were scared to leave the house. So I decided to search for information which could help us increase our immunity to disease. I came across the course online and went through the modules carefully. Erin did a wonderful job with her course. We learned so much valuable information and no longer feel like prisoners in our home. We feel stronger and have our lives back.

"Great course Erin. Very useful"

Andrew, UK

I recommend this course to anyone looking for ways to improve their immunity. You get tips on foods to eat, supplements, looking after your gut, exercises to do. The videos were well made and made learning easy. Overall - Great course Erin. Very useful

A Reminder of Your Bonus's

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  • Diet Plan & Recipes to Boost Immunity

    Discover which foods enhance immunity and which foods destroy it. Try out our healthy delicious recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.

  • Stress Management Video Training

    Supercharge your mornings and experience deep sleep. Our morning and evening sessions help you reduce the effects of stress and allow your mind and body to experience restorative healing.

  • Exercise Video Training

    These exercises are designed to strengthen your body and immune system. But the potential added benefits (in combination with a healthy diet) - are more energy, a better physique and weight loss.

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  • A shopping checklist. If you need tips on nutritious foods to buy at the grocery store, we’ve got you covered!

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Still on the fence?

Don’t worry – you’ll also get a 60-day money-back guarantee. So you can give it a try without any risk.

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But for those of you who want to obtain a more powerful and robust immune systems – this vital information is only a few minutes away.

Course Review by One of Our Students

Supercharge Your Immune System Now ➡️

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I’m so certain you’ll be amazed by the valuable information you’ll learn inside, you won’t dare give it up. In fact, you’ll probably tell your friends about this program.


  • Why is this course different from all the others out there?

    Every course claims to be different from the others. However, this course takes a purely scientific and data-driven approach based on 300 scientific references. Additionally, there is also excellent student support to answer any questions you may have. Contact us at any time after your purchase- days, months or even years later. We've got your back.

  • Are there any requirements to taking the course?

    No this course is for anyone looking to improve their immunity. No matter what your age is or health - we take you through the process of supercharging your immune system in 10 easy to follow steps.

  • Do you provide student support if I have any questions?

    We provide support to our students throughout the course. You can ask us a question days, months or even years after you have purchased your course. We aim to get back to you in two working days.

  • Is your refund policy really 60 day no questions asked '?

    Yes, we provide a 60 day (No Questions Asked) refund policy. If for any reason you don't find the course adds value to your life (and we would be surprised if it didn't) simply drop us an email with your order number and we will process your refund within 2 working days. Just email with your receipt and order number.

You have 2 choices..

Viruses , Infections and Disease May Always Plague the Human Race

Did you know that....

  • 12 of the deadliest viruses on the planet include some you may have heard of and others which have been lost in time. Some of these diseases include - Marburg, Ebola, Rabies, HIV, Smallpox, Hantavirus, Influenza, Dengue, Rotavirus, Coronavirus, SARS CoV, SARS CoV 2, MERS CoV

  • The World Health Organisation (WHO) considers antimicrobial resistance a "global health and development threat."
    "Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) occurs when bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites change over time and no longer respond to medicines making infections harder to treat and increasing the risk of disease spread, severe illness and death."

  • Llife expectancy in the US actually dropped by 1.8 years? - between 2019 to 2020. This could mean that , if the trend continues, we could live longer than our children will.

Source: Livestrong & CDC, WHO.

So what are you waiting for? Get started now!

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